The Ice Cream Model

IFSR Newsletter 1991 No. 2 (28) Enrique G. Herrscher San Martin 551 – piso 4″ Otic.44 1004 Buenos Aires, Argentina A model showing how the incorporation of parts into a larger entity enhances their value… Read more »

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IFSR Newsletter 1991 No. 1 (27)

Table of Contents Rock Gardens and Houses with Paper Doors – Models to Aid Comprehension of Japanese Management Principles, Magoroh Maruyama…1 CONCERNING SOME CONCEPTS OF SYSTEMS THEORY, Robert Vallee…3 EDITORIAL: The Demise of General Knowledge… Read more »

Letter to the Editor Ref.: Overcoming Isolation

IFSR Newsletter 1991 No. 1 (27) Charles Francois Libertad 742, 1640 MARTINEZ, ARGENTINA Dear Dr. Sokoloff, dear IFSR-NEWSLETTER readers, I was deeply impressed by the note about “Overcoming lsolation” in NEWSLETTER nr. 25, and am… Read more »

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