IFSR Newsletter 1986 Vol. 6. No. 1 Spring

Table of Contents The Institute for Conflict Management and Peace Development…1 Executive Summary Rationale Programs ORGANIZATION CONTRIBUTIONS OF TECHNOLOGY TO INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION…2 IMPACTS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE…3 LIST OF MEMBERS OF IFSR…3 Books: “The General… Read more »

IFSR Newsletter 1985 Vol. 5. No. 1 Summer

Table of Contents In Memorandum: Professor Dr. H.C. Francis de Paula Hanika, Robert Trappl…1 LIST OF MEMBERS OF IFSR…2 BASIC AND APPLIED GENERAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH A BIBLIOGRAPHY 1977-1984…3 Eighth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems… Read more »

IFSR Newsletter 1984 Vol 4 No. 3/4 Autumn

Table of Contents IFSR’s New President: Professor Dr. Robert Trappl…1 Outgoing IFSR President’s Report, George J. Klir…1 POINTS FROM THE IFSR BOARD MEETING APRIL 1984…2 OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE 7th EUROPEAN MEETING ON CYBERNETICS AND… Read more »